Update: Muscle in the Mackenzie

We saw some serious muscle on Sunday from volunteers in the Upper Ohau riverbed! Thanks team, we appreciate your mahi! Thanks also to Meridian Energy and Land Information New Zealand for allowing us onto your land to get the good stuff done. The Ohau River is a really neat location with an interesting mix of native scrub vegetation at the upper end, turning to braided river and tussock dryland downstream. It is important to prevent wilding pines from invading these environments to maintain healthy ground water levels, natural river flows, and clear, open habitat for all the invertebrates, fish, lizards, and birds that rely on these interconnected ecosystems to support their existence. Huge thanks also to Environment Canterbury and The Community Trust of Mid & South Canterbury for your support to make these days happen, to Mainland Vector for helping with health and safety, and quality control in the field, and to Ministry for Primary Industries for all the goodies we gave away. The fight against wilding pines truly is a remarkable demonstration of multiagency collaboration and community engagement.

Posted: Fri 03 Dec 2021