Update: Thank you to our wonderful volunteers!!

The Mackenzie Basin Wilding Tree Trust wishes to thank all those who took part, supported, and were interested in our very first wilding pine volunteer days earlier in May. We appreciate your support!! Thank you to the Department of Conservation for allowing us onto your land at Pukaki Flats and Tekapo Scientific Reserve, to get the good stuff done. Thank you to Environment Canterbury for supporting us with equipment, staffing and catering, and thank you to High Country Contracting for working alongside our volunteers in the field and making sure they were safe and well briefed in what to do.

A total of 38.5 volunteer hours were recorded across the two events, with hundreds of young wildings (and therefore thousands of potential seeds) removed from the landscape. Thank you all for your hard work!! There will be more opportunities to get involved in community volunteer events in the spring.

The removal of wilding pines from across the Mackenzie Basin is currently a hotly contested issue. The Trust is working hard to promote discussion on this issue, to provide information to help people understand why it is important that we remove the trees, and to encourage and enable landowners to remove wildings from their own properties. If you haven’t already liked the Mackenzie Basin Wilding Tree Trust Facebook page, please do so, and keep an eye out here on our website for future articles which will explain the wilding pine issue in more detail.

Posted: Mon 31 May 2021