• Tipping Point Wines announcement
    We are delighted to announce the arrival of Tipping Point Wines, a new range of wines developed by New Zealand chef Al Brown and his winemaking friends, that focuses on giving back to the local New Zealand environment. Every purchase of The Woodsman pinot noir helps Wilding Free Mackenzie protect our stunning tussock landscapes through education, collaboration and giving wilding pines the chop!
    Posted: Monday 20 September 2021
  • Are wilding pines useful for fighting climate change?
    Wilding pines are not a valuable tool when it comes to fighting climate change. Like all trees, they do sequester carbon, but their negative impacts on New Zealand's fragile ecosystems far outweigh any benefits they contribute to carbon sequestration.
    Posted: Friday 10 September 2021
  • We are on track to a wilding free Mackenzie
    Understand how the issue of wilding pine invasion has gained traction in recent years, where things are at now, and the role landowners need to play in the fight against wildings
    Posted: Saturday 31 July 2021
  • Thank you to our wonderful volunteers!!
    Our first two volunteering events in the beautiful Mackenzie Basin were a huge success.
    Posted: Monday 31 May 2021
  • What's the problem with wilding pines?
    Learn why wilding pine invasion is such a threat to the economy, our precious native ecosystems and the safety and wellbeing of our communities.
    Posted: Wednesday 31 March 2021