Wilding Free Mackenzie is a charitable trust (registered as Mackenzie Basin Wilding Tree Trust) formed in 2016 as a vehicle to promote knowledge about the impact of wilding trees in the Mackenzie Basin. The removal of wilding pines from across the Mackenzie Basin is a hotly contested issue. The Trust is working hard to promote discussion on this issue, to provide information to help people understand why it is important that we remove wilding trees, and to encourage and enable landowners to remove wildings from their own properties. 

It's not about removing all trees, but about having the right type of tree in the right place.

One of the ways the Trust aims to promote knowledge of the issues associated with wilding pines is by holding volunteer events. This short video explains what wilding pine volunteer days are all about.

The Trust consists of 9 trustees, all are landowners in the Basin. The Trust meets regularly, along with representatives from the affected government departments Land Information New Zealand, Ministry for Primary Industries, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Department of Conservation, the New Zealand Defence Force; and local government agencies Environment Canterbury, Mackenzie District Council, Waitaki District Council. These bodies all participate in the meetings and collaborate in prioritising and coordinating work, and obtaining funding and resources for dealing with wildings on land within the Mackenzie Basin. 

We encourage landowners to continue their work on wilding pine control, and to collaborate with their neighbours and Environment Canterbury to achieve widespread control of wilding pines.


Chairman - Ross Ivey - 

Secretary/Treasurer - Bruce Cowan - 

Andrew Simpson - 

Simon Cameron -

George Ormond - 

Kaye Paardekooper -

Rob Young -

Johnny Wigley - 

Hamish Smith -

Community Coordinator

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